How we turned a run-down Thirties council house in Richmond into a million pound home
Run-down ex-council houses aren’t exactly inspiring. But in 2009, this was exactly what Mikko and Joanna Laukkanen were looking for.
Both Finnish — though Mikko, 38, an architect, was raised in America and educated at Harvard — the pair first met in a London pub.
Source: Homesandproperty Website

East Dulwich skinny house – 10ft wide and on sale for £800,000
A 10ft-wide house in the south London neighbourhood of East Dulwich has hit the market for £800,000.
The skinny home in Barry Road, SE22, is sandwiched between two larger and more traditional properties, and is within walking distance of Peckham Rye and Common.
Source: Homesandproperty Website

Property profiles 2006-2016: Stories of boom, bust and rebound after the crash
Niall Donovan and his wife came back from Australia in 2006 to buy a house in Ireland. They bought a house in Swords for €428,000, having got mortgage approval “pretty much straight away”. He says it’s now worth less than €300,000. Donovan is an engineer, and his wife is a teacher. He lost his job in 2009, having warned the bank when he was given three months’ notice. They fell into arrears over the next two years but continued paying as much as they could until Donovan returned to full-time employment, in 2011.
Source: Irishtimes Website

Housing costs lock London teachers out of property market
Young teachers are spending more than half of their take-home pay on housing, and high prices combined with several years of pay freezes mean almost one in 10 in London are still living with parents after five years in the profession.
Figures from the largest teaching union, the NUT, show that despite receiving higher pay than those in the rest of the country, London teachers especially are struggling to afford to get on the property ladder.
Source: Theguardian Website

Downsizing without leaving your property? City releases draft proposals for coach houses
The dream of becoming a backyard-dwelling denizen is one step closer to reality for Ottawa residents as the city has released a draft proposal for building “coach houses” in the capital.
These small, detached apartments are located on existing lots, often in the back yard. A coach house can be a converted shed or garage, or a new purpose-built unit. In BC, they’re known as “laneway houses” or “Fonzie suites.”
Source: Ottawacitizen Website

January 16, 2017